Saturday, June 28, 2014

Going Pink

Hey everyone! Just a little transplant update, I've had tons of messages sent to me asking if we have a date yet…and the answer is no. My doctor had originally told us it would probably happen the first week of July, but while we were at PCH on Monday for labs and an 8 hour phsycology eval (transplant workup) we got word that they were having trouble reaching him. Then, Dr. Douglas called on Thursday that they found out the donor had been deployed to the military. People don't usually get that much info about a donor.  Luckily, I have more donors to choose from (which is very VERY rare). Now my Dr is trying to reach a new one, but this will push things back a bit, probably to the middle of July. 

You're probably wondering why my title is "Going Pink"? Well it's because Gilbert, AZ is literally going PINK! I have the absolute greatest support and coolest friends ever! So many of my friends (even the boys) have dyed their hair pink in support of me and I really couldn't be more grateful. Hopefully I'll get pics of everyone who did it so I can post in on here. It's crazy to me that something so scary can become so positive and really bring people together. I'm so so grateful. (Big shout out to Candice Shumway who is basically like superwoman and who has dyed tons of peoples' hair pink, love ya Candice!)
Something fun from this week… I got my License!! 6 months late, but that's ok lol! Also, my mom, sister and I are on a little stay-cation in Phoenix! You know… a vacation in AZ? It's been lots of fun being able to have quality girl time, we needed it before the crazy started. 

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