Friday, June 6, 2014

Are we in AZ?

Today was too fun! I started out the day pretty early (well early for summer haha) with a visit to the PCH clinic to get my port re-accessed, then another trip to the fertility clinic. While we were there on Wednesday, Angel Mamas provided Madi and I with a certificate to go get a blow-out & a makeover at Pucci Salon in Scottsdale. 
So, since we can't go on an actual vacation, we treated today like we were in New York getting a professional make over. We got a blow out by the awesome Michael Becker, and our make up done by the fab Lauren Ballard! SO FUN!! After, we went to the cutest Crepe shop & had the yummiest crepes. So of course we felt like we were in Paris. Days like this make up for all those crappy ones. Thanks mom & Hattie for the pics!


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