Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dates & Donors

BIG news everyone!! 
My family and I met with Dr. Douglas today for another transplant meeting. It went very good. We had previously thought that the donor was deployed to the military and that my doctor would have to find another donor, but we learned today that he was deployed but will still be my donor. So that is awesome news. 

We finally have a date for the actual bone marrow transplant!!! The wait is over. I get admitted July 28…that's the day my transplant journey will begin. I expected for it to start in July, but actually hearing a date makes it very real and very scary. But at the same time, it's so exciting and i'm so grateful. So many mixed emotions. The schedule is as followed:

Monday 7.28.14 (day -23) i get admitted and my broviac (central line) placed in my chest
this day is pretty special…my grandpa passed away on this exact date about 4 years ago, he was in the army and so is my donor. Not a coincidence. Right there you know someone is watching over us all. 
Tuesday 7.29.14 (day -22) i start Campath; medication to get rid of my T-cells
Wednesday 7.30.14 (day -21) Campath
Thursday 7.31.14 (day -20) Campath
Friday 8.01.14 (day -19) Campath 
Saturday and Sunday are rest days. She said I'll be on medication that makes me sleep for about the whole week, so i won't remember much lol. I then go home for 10 days, and the isolation will begin. No restaurants, movies, shopping, anywhere really for that week. I just have to be very careful and cannot get sick.

Monday 8.11.14 (day -9) re-admitted 
Tuesday 8.12.14 (day -8) i start a med called Fludarabine, which is a chemo
Wednesday 8.13.14 (day -7) Fludarabine (chemo)
Thursday 8.14.14 (day -6) Fludarabine (chemo)
Friday 8.15.14 (day -5) Fludarabine (chemo)
Saturday 8.16.14 (day -4) last day of Fludarabine (chemo) 
Sunday 8.17.14 (day -3) Melphalan (another chemo)
Monday 8.18.14 (day -2) REST 
Tuesday 8.19.14 (day -1) rest/ donor harvest; my donor will have a surgery to get the bone marrow
WEDNESDAY 8.20.14 TRANSPLANT DAY….or my new birthday as they call it!! (it's really not) but kinda like it because this new bone marrow will save my life and essentially give me "new life". It will give me the hope of being cured and one day living a normal life. I can say "see ya DBA and CVID"  I am SO beyond grateful. Just so you all know, this transplant day for me is not a surgery, it's actually just an infusion of the bone marrow into my central line, much like a blood transfusion. It will be a very calm day, but it will also be the biggest day in my life. 

She said I'll be in the hospital about 8 weeks, depending on how i'm doing. 
I'll be on all sorts of medication, the ones I mentioned are just the big ones. With chemo there's lots of side effects, because it's basically whipping out everything. It can cause nausea, vomiting, horrible mouth sores, fevers and other stuff that I won't mention because you probably wouldn't care too know…LOL!
I'll also start steroids later on to stimulate cell growth and I'll become puffy in my face and probably in my stomach…so i'll be bald and fat. Cute right?? Ya…not too excited about the steroids but I'm totally gonna embrace the baldness. (I will miss my pink hair though, i'm kind of obsessed)
It's a lot to take in. But like I've said before i have THE best support system and the greatest friends. Thank you everyone for all the love and prayers. I have felt them more than you even know. 



  1. We love you Kin! You have been so strong & brave through all this. You are such a great example to us.

  2. Your mom posted on Facebook the great news! We are all routing for ya! I am sure you will look beautiful bald and I am hoping that even if you can not go to the mall that you will be able to do some online shopping! :)
    Hugs from the Booher family!

  3. We love you our prayers are with you.
    ♡ McMahon family

  4. Prays are being showered upon you for continued strength you precious sweet beautiful little warrior!! prayers as well for your sweet mom and dad and family!! You have been so faithful and strong already and ....endure so much for such a young person, I know you can do this!! So very many people are praying and cheering you on Kin!!! Sending a huge hug!!!!!!