Wednesday, June 11, 2014

PINK Palooza

Today was started with another trip to the fertility clinic, and I get the egg removal procedure this Friday! One word: HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH!!!! I've had to give myself 2-3 shots every night for the past 3 weeks and they've been pretty painful, but bearable. I'm just ready for all this fertility stuff to be over. We headed strait from the fertility clinic to PCH clinic for a blood transfusion. So that's basically been my day. 

So, I decided I needed to do something a little crazy before I have to shave my head for transplant! I don't usually do anything different to my hair, but I wanted to try something out. Why not? I didn't have anything to lose…so the craziest I could get myself to do was dye the ends of my hair PINK! To say I am in love with it would be an understatement….But I'm IN LOVE with it! 



  1. You're going to do great tomorrow!

  2. Love it! You look gorgeous! I admire you for being brave to do something wild while looking down the road knowing what is ahead. You are in my prayers.