Saturday, June 21, 2014

And so it begins…

//Hi friends//
This week has been very long and somewhat exhausting, so that's why I haven't been on this week. I spent most of my time at PCH and at home not feeling well, but I did have some fun times. 

Last Thursday, my aunt Lacey came into town and we had a lot of fun. Since I'll need a a sterile environment to come home to, a few of my aunts, uncle, and granny were able to come home and help us start cleaning and re-doing rooms. Thank you so much, you guys. 

Monday, my favorite day of the week (missionary Monday), I got a special picture from my brother all the way from Africa!! Made my whole entire week! I love and miss him so much! 
I've started the pre-transplant work up, which is basically a whole bunch of tests/appointments to make sure my body can handle what it's about to go through with the transplant. I started Wednesday. That day I had a GFR nuclear med study of my kidneys, CT scan, X-rays. The GFR test took ALL day because they had to check my blood about every two hours after they had injected dye. Really thankful for my awesome mom to help the time pass a little quicker. We've gotten really close because we're together basically 24/7, she's like superwomen….simply amazing. Thursday, I had to go back to East Valley clinic for IVIG and a port re-access. I also got a few shots, which kinda sucked but my nurses are bomb and made it a little less painful. Friday, I went back to main campus for more tests: audiology, pulmonary function tests, and an echo and EKG. My sweet friend Meg came along for the whole day, She made it a little easier and we had lots of laughs. Thanks Meggy, Love you! I think my mom and I should just get a job there, why not get paid while we're already there? I mean we already know basically all of the staff, LOL! 
Thank you all so much for the love and support!!


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