Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday Shenanigans

Today was started with a trip to the fertility clinic in Scottsdale. My best friend Madi (M-Swiz) came along for moral support…and just because we're basically inseparable. She comes to most of my appointments with me, can you say amazing friend? I was just going for labs today, so no biggie. But, we had the opportunity to meet Shira and her cute family, from Angel Mamas. An INCREDIBLE organization that has raised the funds needed for the egg retrieval process. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Angel Mamas for everything and for helping me be able to do this.

After, since we were in Scottsdale, we had to make a trip to scottsdale fashion square of course. (Yes…I'm a big time shopper)! Madi and I weren't complaining. We then came home & took a few pics. Really thankful I have a best friend like Madi that is there through everything! We have the funnest times.

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