Monday, July 28, 2014

Kickin' It

Through being sick, I've seen people come together in ways i never knew they could and have seen compassion shown in many, many ways. It's an amazing thing. I never wanted to be "the sick" girl that needed people's help or needed the extra attention, but in reality I was, and am. But I think with trials like these, there are things to learn, and what I needed to learn and accept is people's help and support. Stepping back and realizing how many people care and support me in this journey is absolutely amazing. From the pink hair, the endless sweet texts and letters, to the iPad, meals, mini fridge (for my diet dp of course) and decorations for my hospital room…I have felt so supported and so loved. I know my family has too. Let me tell ya…it's a great feeling people. So, THANK YOU ALL!! 

To expand more on the iPad, mini fridge, book of notes, and decorations for me room…:
So, at the start of summer, I had gone to lunch with two of my friends, meg and madison c.  The impending transplant was brought up, and meg had asked if there would be anything I would maybe like to have for my long stay in the hospital. I jokingly said "oh an iPad, duh", but I was completely being sarcastic. I totally forgot I had said that. Little did I know,  meg had an idea! She decided to rally people from the community and my church and help (but I had NO IDEA).  Then, my mom received a sweet text from my Aunt Kara. She and my granny invited us to lunch last Thursday.  I had had a rough week…not feeling well and on another antibiotic…so I was a little hesitant to go (I don't like people seeing me "sick").  I pulled myself together because I knew it was an important day.  To my great surprise…kara drove to my granny's for this "lunch date".  I walked in and there were the cutest decorations, and some of my favorite people were standing in the room. It was like a surprise party, so fun!  Inside, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for these amazing people--meg, lisa, kara, granny, hattie, kate, maylee and mom. I am most comfortable at my granny's house, so this made not feeling well a little better.  Honestly, I couldn't believe what meg had organized…she gathered beautiful notes of encouragement from so many of you, a new iPad and awesome case, the fridge, comfy blankets and pillows, a perfect ipad bag, soft pj's and much more.  How lucky I am to be surrounded by such incredible people--THANK YOU! I know my response wasn't as exciting as they had all hoped for, but the reality is that when you don't feel good…it's hard.  I am grateful for the understanding of the people who love me.  This is something I will always treasure. 

While at granny's for lunch, we surprisingly got a call from transplant. I knew it either had to be great news…or not so great news. Well, it was great news. They said that transplant WILL be happening THIS thursday, yep you heard that right. I was not expecting to have another date that quickly. All of those prayers defiantly helped. I don't have all the details, but i will be admitted on thursday and have my line placed in my chest. This will not be an easy road, but I'm ready to "kick it"!! Stay tuned for more posts!! 

oh ps. We have a PINK door…thanks aunt Kasey! 


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  1. McKindree - you CAN kick it! I so appreciate reading your thoughts and what's on your heart - thanks for letting us all share in this journey with you. You have amazing friends and family - I tear up just thinking of how much love surrounds you. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers - Let the journey begin :)