Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Boho Chic

Hey friends!
     This weeks has been crazyyy busy and long! Thankfully it's Wednesday and we only have two more days until the weekend...WOOHOO! I had my usual bi-weekly ECP treatment for my Graft vs. Host disease today and yesterday.  The treatment used to take up to eight hours each day (yes you heard that right 8) each day, and I used to have to go every week. Thankfully I got a new high flow line in my chest in stead of the regular broviac which cuts the time down to only about 2/3 hours! Can you say Hallelujah?? When you're already there all the time, the last thing you want to do is spend MORE time at the hospital!
Kind of going along with that, I got a chest CT today to make sure I don't have pneumonia in my lungs. I've had a terrible cough and cold over the past month and especially the last week, and it's kinda just kept me down. When you have no immune system from transplant, something as simple as a cold can take ya to the floor and make you so sick. You have to be so cautious. My numbers are still low which is so disappointing, but the arenespt shot is keeping my hemoglobin at bay so that I don't need a red cell transfusion. My body has built up so much iron over the years and years of transfusions that I have iron overload and my organs are getting damaged. They're just trying all that they can to not transfuse me and give me this shot to boost my numbers so hopefully one day they can phlebotomize. My IGG numbers are also super low this week, which explains why I feel kinda crappy, so I'll get IVIG either Friday or Monday! ( yay iv Benadryl) haha I'm such a weirdo...sorry mom I had to add it! ;) You gotta have a little fun in all of this, right?
     Now...the fun stuff! After the hospital, my mom and I stopped by the Biltmore fashion center for a little lunch and for a little photo op. Anddd maybe a few stores or two. It was such a nice day.
On days I go to the hospital, which are most days, I like to dress comfy...but I also like to dress cute. Hey "when you dress good, ya feel good". It's the truth. There are so many days were I just force my self to get out of bed and put on clothes, otherwise I'd be laying around in my pj's all day.  (Which I sometimes do lol). I love to layer things up and bundle, and this cute dress was perfect. I threw a green jacket and scarf over it, a pair of tights, some boots and there you go! Also, you could wear this dress in summer as a cute swimsuit cover up or just as is. I love, love, love the cute bell sleeves. They give the dress it's own little flare.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Dress: American Eagle
Jacket: similar at f21 
boots: Norstrom (lucky)


  1. LOVE the bell sleeves + boots combo!

  2. So cute! I love the dress! On a side note I love iv benadryl also, lol!

  3. So cute! I love the dress! On a side note I love iv benadryl also, lol!

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