Friday, February 5, 2016


     February is the month of LOVE! And with Valentines day just around the corner, I decided to put together a look that would be perfect for that day.
It's so fun to be able to wear such girly colors; pinks, purple, reds...and being able to wear them together? Who doesn't love that? I've added a few girly and dainty touches with my bracelet and wallet.
     When I saw this fun shirt/dress I immediately thought "Hello Valentine's Day!!" I got this shirt at Forever21 and it was under $25! Who doesn't love a good deal?

(Ok guys, I'm having a hard time putting the links to the items on here, but I'll figure it out so bare with me! sorry!)

Shirt: F21
leggings: online
boots: Nordstrom
wallet/bracelet: Kate Spade


  1. Love your outfit, you look adorable. Keep smiling because you are beautiful McKindree.

  2. Mckindree I've always been obsessed with your style I love thisss