Saturday, August 23, 2014

August 23, 2014. A day I will never forget.

This past week has been filled with so many different emotions. I finished chemo on Wednesday, but I've been feeling super nauseous, vomiting and having horrible migraines since. Transplant calls that the "transplant normals" unfortunately. Luckily, we've got it managed and I just slept most of the week.

Friday came around and the week had just been a blur. I of course opened my instagram and was shocked to see my school, Higley, go "pink4kin"! The whole school wore pink in my honor and signed lots of posters, and yelled "KIN CAN KICK IT" over a video. I was honestly so shocked. Can you guess what my family and I did?'re right...we all bawled our eyes out. I have the greatest support. I could not be more blessed. Thank you Higley High, from the bottom of my heart. You all rock!

Then Saturday came around. August 23, 2014...will be a day I will NEVER EVER forget. My new "bone marrow transplant birthday" they call it. Today I got my new bone marrow. How amazing is it, that a tiny blood like bag could be filled with marrow, with new life, my new life. Life from a generous donor whom I've never met. Simply amazing.
The day started out early (well early for a girl who likes to sleep in) and pretty normal. The room filled with people I love, nurses, and mama Douglas; it was so calm..(besides the vitals every 5 minutes) . Then my wonderful nurse Aiada, brought in the bag of bone marrow. She hung the bag and I slept after we took some pics of course. And just like that it was done. My mom, dad, hattie, jace, granny, and jobe family were all by my side. We all sat in tears and with gratitude. It was the most amazing experience. To the donor that I don't know, thank you for saving my life, thank you for being so willing to donate your marrow, thank you for giving me this second chance at life. I am so grateful.
This is just the beginning, it's not even close to being over, and it will get harder. But I'll get there one step at a time. Now it's time for my new cells to start growing...I've got three words for ya cells...GROW CELLS GROW!!!

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