Monday, December 8, 2014

Feeling Glittery

This week has been quite Glittery!

To start off, I celebrated my post transplant birthday on Monday. So fun! This week has been great, a few bumps on days and long clinic visits. My stomach has flare ups, because of the GVHD, and so does my skin...and it becomes quite painful. I had mentioned earlier about starting a new procedure called, ECP. It's really hard to explain (so i'll leave that up to my mom, lol). But basically the whole purpose is to try and get me slowly off the dreaded sterroids and recovering. I'm currently here doing my first round. The crappy side, is that a new high volume port will have to be placed in my chest; they're hoping to get that scheduled within the week, because the broviac isn't necessarily compatible with the high volumes going into me.

Highlights from this GLITTERY week:
>>> Craft night with my aunt Kara...It's a secret so i'm keepin this one on the down low

>>> Trying lobster for the first time AMAZING!! I used to hate seafood, but those donar cells may be changing things
>>> Being able to take pics of my cute best friend for Winter Formal. She looked stunning.

>>> Starting off ECP with my cute momma

>>> As a lot of you know, I'm obsessed with fashion, designing, crafting, SHOPPING, photography...dah dah dah dah. I feel like it just makes you want to get up and have a fun day. I love bloggers, and this week one of my faves  @Whippycakes, sent me the cutest package full of amazing pieces of clothing, jewelry, everything you could imagine. @Flybirdaparell has also been so kind with their amazing, comfy, inspiring t-shirts. Thank you ladies for putting a little sparkle in my week.
>>> Photoshoots. I've done a fun few photoshoots with my madi & my cute sis hattie just for the fun of it. It's been hard for me to come out of my shell with the face changes and all that...but it's been sort of relaxing to get dressed up and have a little fun.





  1. Ahhhhhhh yes I love you Kin & I can't wait for our photoshoot

  2. um ok your fashion style is to die for. you are honestly so pretty! I really want to meet you one day! your in my prayers!

  3. Cheering you on my dear! Thank you for motivating others! You inspire me in my own health journey!