Thursday, November 20, 2014

Ups, Downs, & Turn arounds

This past week had been a complete roller coaster. I've been home a little over a week and it's been so great. A little bit of normalcy. With the occasional 8 hr long clinic visits three times a week, but nevertheless "normal".

It's so funny how things can change in an instant. We didn't have clinic yesterday, and I considered it one of my best days home yet. I cleaned my room (yeah I know...shocking), I put together a new outfit and took pics with my sister, Chatted with loved ones, then ended the night watching Jace's football game from the car. It was just an over all good day, while feeling decent. We got home and I started to feel shooting pains all down my right arm and I just felt weird. I was just thinking "oh it's just from my fall the other day, which it probably was". Then I got an awful headache along with extreme nausea and stomach pain. Luckily no fevers. It was just a miserable night...transferring into a miserable day at clinic today. I was scheduled for what I like to call the "bubble girl" test, where they put you in a bubble contraption and it has a medication  that helps keep away pneumonia's, so it's super important. But I was already sick, so they cancelled it today. They had to access my port, and then drew blood cultures from all three of my lines to see if there's any bacteria, viruses or infections. They ran antibiotics through the lines to see if it would help also. They're also running tests on my pancreas again to see if that's the cause of my stomach issues, since it has been in the past.

Where does this leave us? Nooo idea. I'm hoping and praying my heart out they won't admit me, but I also need to be safe. I've been emotional about it, I just got out...I can't go back! One of my biggest goals was to be home on Thanksgiving with my family eating good food watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, and I still know that will happen. I just ask for extra prayers, that all the tests come back clear and it's just my body getting used to things.
OKAY...happy note!! My transplant bff, Stephen may get to ditch that bmt unit tomorrow!! So happy for him! We'll be praying for you Dwyer's, We Love you guys!!

Okay...totally getting side tracked. If you know me you know I have a slight obsession with shopping, clothes, and putting clothes together. And let me tell you...sitting in a hospital bed with nothing to do makes it 10x worse; ya NOT GOOD. Especially with pinterest and online shopping. Anyway, I've been sick of living in pj's for months so I put a fun, comfy, outfit together...and I'm slightly obsessed.
Thank you all for the continued love, support, and prayers. There would be no way my family and I could do this without you! (Special shout out to the Cole family for the light up Kin Can Kick It on top of your hugee tree! It's so fun driving by every day! you guys rock!




  1. Cute! Your blog is my favorite, you're so sweet and so so positive!

  2. You have such hoc a beautiful heart and spirit!